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One of my cats doesn’t like Star Trek

Well, one scene, at least. We watched Star Trek IV today. The cats watched with us because, well, I assume they want to keep an untrusting eye on me at all times. There's a scene near the beginning where the big 'whale probe' volleyball cake mixer space robot thing is doing its space thing where it blasts space whale sounds at Earth. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, I lost you at 'volleyball cake mixer'.

Swooping Bird of Prey
Watch out, kitty! Klingons hate tribbles, and you're the closest thing around!
So (our cat) Louise is sitting in front of the TV and watching the space probe closely. It's making interesting noises, so this makes sense. The subsequent scene, however, is different. Space whale noises end and now a Klingon Bird of Prey shoots towards the viewer at warp speed with a whoosh. Well, that's we see. Louise, however, sees a huge FAST MOVING HAWK THING diving straight at her and roaring. She may not be the cleverest cat, but she doesn't need to be to know that Klingons/SUPERSPACEHAWKS are bad news so she bolts. In a blind kitty panic, she sees this ship warping directly at her and claws her way over the back of the chair she was sitting on and flies through the air to hit the ground running. Her claws extended, she tears into the carpet and blasts off. Crossing into the hardwood floor, she loses traction and scrabbles furiously to avoid smacking into a wall. She clearly knows that only speed will help keep her safe from this attacking form and exits the family room and kitchen at > 10-15mph. If I could speak cat-onese, I would have a long talk with my kitty. See, not only was it not a real bird trying to kill her, if it HAD been real, running to another room wouldn't have been enough. Klingon Birds of Prey have warp drives, for one, so she cannot outrun it. Second, the yield on photon torpedoes means that even one could effortlessly destroy our entire neighborhood. I mean, come on cat. You can't outrun a photon torpedo, you're a cat, not some sort of... crazy whacked out super cat. No, Louise, your decision to flee the television was illogical.

iOS 6 features I’m looking forward to

Tomorrow (June 10th) is the big iOS 6 announcement, and everyone I know (aka my cats) can't wait to hear the details.  Luckily, I can give you a sneak peak! I have it on good authority that iOS 6 will implement the following exciting features:
  • iKnow - This Siri functionality will have her listening to everything said around your phone to generate a transcript that she pre-searches the internet for information on. That way, if someone is talking about a movie, you can glance at your screen and already see things like the IMDB page up to pluck information from that makes you sound waaaay smart.
  • S&MS - A new sadomasochism-based texting service that you can use to set up sessions with dominatrix' and masters. Using the geolocation API, it will arrange for them to spontaneously 'abduct' you from wherever you are without pre-knowledge to add to the 'excitement' of the session. It cannot be disabled.
  • OS-integrated MySpace so you can seamlessly be dropped into a real-life cyber ghost town social networking site where software tumbleweeds are occasionally interrupted by the first 15 seconds of ancient pop songs amid flurries of animated 'under construction' gifs.
There are the ones I've heard about, pretty exciting stuff!

Sympathy for the Jedi

I find your lack of guessing my name disturbing
(to the tune of Sympathy for the Devil, obviously) Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a Jedi of speed and haste I've been around for a long long year Raced many 'cross the Jundland Wastes And I was 'round when Sebulba took a tumble onto the plains Made sure that Jabba Hutt had a laugh as he watched th' race Search your feelings You know it to be true But if I'm really your father, is what's puzzling you I visited Couruscant When the queen came under an attack Jumped from cars and stopped a girl Who Jango shot from his jetpack I flew tanks Held a generals rank When the clone wars raged and the droids clanked Search your feelings You know it to be true But if I'm really your father, is what's puzzling you I flew with glee While both the fleets stood back to back then shot each other to scrap I met Duku and helped him lose his head When Palpatine acted oh so mean Let me please introduce myself I'm a jedi of great haste And I helped kill off the Council, took the temple, and had my first Sith taste Search your feelings You know it to be true But if I'm really your father, oh yeah is what's puzzling you Just as every droid will malfunction and all flyers fall As lights go dark Just call me Darth Vader 'cause my servos give me complaint So if you meet me Have some courtesy Have some sympathy, and do your best Use all your well-learned saber-skills Or I'll lay you down to rest, mm yeah Search your feelings You know it to be true But if I'm really your father, is what's puzzling you Woo, who Sith lords, come on down Oh yeah Oh yeah! Tell me Jedi, whats my name Tell me Blue Milk, can ya guess my name Tell me Naboo, whats my name I tell you Obi Wan, you're to blame Ooo, who Ooo, who Ooo, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Oh, yeah Whats me name Tell me, Yoda, whats my name Tell me, Tarkin, whats my name Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Ooo, who, who Oh, yeah