Disaster! followup and video

A followup to this morning’s image. I was at the shop most of today and didn’t have a chance to check it out until later today. I finally discovered the actual cause of the premature traptulation. When wandering past the computer, he stumbled on the cable that handled the motion-detection.

The software compares video frames for changes and activates if there’s a difference. It turns out that if frame 1 has an image of the food bowl and frame 2 has a ‘picture’ of ‘CAMERA DISCONNECTED’, they do not match and the logic to fire the trap is run.

Some footage of the raccoon itself in motion. Damn his furry soul…

2 thoughts on “Disaster! followup and video”

  1. I hope he wasn’t ‘using the facilities’! Did you find any presents deposited anywhere?

    Looking forward to the next episode in this man vs nature soap opera.

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