Interim update

It’s been a very busy last few days at the shop working on the Redbull Challenge thing, so I haven’t been able to devote any time to the Raccoon Menace. I set the trap last night covering the entire cat door again and locked the cats in with my 10 year-old so they wouldn’t wake ME up, but there was no sign of my foe last night.

The food was uneaten, my computer untouched, and the barricades I emplaced to prevent him from getting into the house proper were still intact this morning.

Once we can get a critical pneumatic lift system functioning reliably for the project, I’ll have more time to improve the trap. While I’m loathe to place it outside (because I’ll start catching neighborhood cats), it may be worth it for the ‘who knows?’ factor. Also, if I catch another squirrel like I did a few days ago, the humor potential is pretty high. After all, how exactly WOULD General Growth Properties handle a loose squirrel inside Gateway Mall, hypothetically speaking?

3 thoughts on “Interim update”

  1. Sorry I was a no show last night. I was so stuffed from the past days of eating you out of house and home that I had to sleep it off. Maybe I’ll escape your traps again tonight!
    Ricky the Raccoon.

  2. keep it up
    i need to see how this ends
    we need to see how this ends
    don’t be like cbs/fox/nbc/etc. and cancel a good show

    ricky is going down

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