An unsettling coincidence

Something unsettling happened last night.  You may read this and think ‘Oh you, now you’re being silly’, but this really happened.

I left the shop around midnight after a long day working on our contest entry and turned from McKinley onto 7th/99 to head east towards home.  For anyone outside of town, this is the far west side of Eugene and I live in the far east side of Springfield.  There are two towns between where I was and where I live.

Due to massive road construction, the four lane road is currently a single lane with a one foot drop-off (~1/3 meter for my civilized friends) into rock on one side and a sidewalk on the other.  The street lights for this stretch were out, so this stretch was very dark.

As I accelerated, I noticed a dark shape on the road ahead of me.  I began to slow and as I did so, I picked up three more shapes next to it.  I rolled to a stop about 20 feet away from a group of four…   raccoons.  They had stopped in the road and were staring at me.


After a moment, they backed off the road as if to say ‘move along, buddy’ so I took my foot off the brake and began inching forward.  As I neared them (watching from the sidewalk), I carefully reached out and locked the door.

“Thunderscreech”, I thought to myself, “you’re being silly.”  Then I looked over to my left as I passed the group and saw that the biggest one was standing up and facing directly at me.

I don’t know what I thought it could do, but…  I punched it.  I hit the gas and took off.

It’s a coincidence, right?  I mean, a hamburglar of raccoons (I assume that’s the proper collective noun for these animals) standing in the middle of a darkened construction zone that just happens to be a natural constriction point I’d travel through is something that happens to other people, right?

One thought on “An unsettling coincidence”

  1. Now you did it – you have started a racoon revolution. One tried to enter through my front door yesterday and thankfully he could not reach the door knob. It’s just beginning……

    Seriously, I tool a picture through my glass door!

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