We’re wizards and don’t even realize it

I just washed my hands at the office after breakfast and realized that I have become a wizard.  Well, if I were technically correct, it would be more like a Technomage from Babylon 5.  Those were the dudes who made ‘magic’ happen with a lot of advanced technology.

So like I said, I was washing my hands.  Stepping in front of the mirror I automatically reached out and, without needing to do anything so crass as turn levers or valves, I called water to my hands. Scrubbing, I made a gesture to one side and collected the soap that dispensed itself into my hands per my will.

The water shut itself off once I wanted it to, then I lifted my left arm towards a nearby dispenser and summoned paper towels into my grasp.

A minute later, I strode through the halls of the office, then spoke a small incantation. The phone in my pocket invoked the voice of my wife (who was sitting many miles away). I asked her how the weather was, and without any perceptible effort, she called forth knowledge of the weather patterns with her web browser and told me exactly what to expect today.

After the spell that allowed me to speak with her had completed, I sat at my desk and, with a few minutes of concentration, summoned powerful communication sorcery that placed this message in front of you without regard to how far away you are.

We’re all turning into Technomages, but like the frog in the slowly heating water, we’re just not realizing it because of how gradual it is.  This isn’t really a rant or me being my usual raving asshole, just an observation.

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