On the subject of couples and showers

Pictured: picture. See: picture.
Browsing reddit this morning, I enjoyed this completely accurate picture and had to share my solution. This is why I built a rain shower. Out of PVC, I made a rectangular hoop of sorts that I hung from the ceiling.  It had holes drilled in it and a tube going to a diverter valve I put between the normal shower head and my monstrosity. On a lark, I painted it gold.  They had brass, but I felt it was important to go with gold for reasons that will become clear shortly. Once calibrated, I had a device that could allow both my wife and I to stay warm in the shower at the same time!  We could spend lots of extra clockcycles in the shower and many good times were had. A few weeks later, we were at a party and wife was telling some friends about the device I had built.  We were having a nice conversation, then she mentioned that I had painted it to look sort of like brass pipes which was neat. "Gold", I corrected, then took a sip of my drink. "Brass, gold, it's just spray paint, you get the idea" she responded, making eye contact with her friends and smiling. "Yeah, but no, they had brass.  I picked gold."  I cocked my head very slightly, patient.  One of her friends suddenly twitched, then another. After a moment, one of them asked my wife: "So....  he made you...  a golden shower....?" I don't remember much about what happened immediately after that, but all in all, I'd put this in the 'success' category.