Superbowl recipe idea: Supernachos

It’s time for the SuperBall (or whatever they call it) again, which means it’s time to pull out those special snacks from that dark place where you keep them and the shame surrounding that one time when you said that thing you didn’t realize was so dumb and everyone heard you say it and you hope they don’t remember because it sure keeps you up at night.

A good start, but don't forget to deep fry those jalepenos!

Nachos are a popular dish, but you’ve gotta substitute the chips with pork rinds to establish a good baseline.  Also, the nacho cheese you buy at the store is too thin, I like to reduce it on the stove with bacon grease to replace the water/whey.

As for the vegetables, lightweight nachos might use onions and peppers and whatnot, but I’ve found you can chop those up into slightly bigger chunks, batter ’em, then deep fry them so it’s like you’ve got a handful of ‘onion rings’ and ‘battered peppers’ instead.  You’ve still got your vegetables (it’s practically a salad!), but now they taste better.

For your meats, ground beef loses a lot of flavor in the cooking (even with spices) so I like to use pork sausage instead.  Add taco seasoning to that, and you’ve got yourself a real fiesta.

Sour cream is tasty, but did you know you can get heavy-duty creme fraiche and ‘zing it up’ with some rum?  Great for dipping those chips in!

If it’s too salty at first bite, just drink more beer.  Eventually you won’t notice anymore.  Some chest tension and shortness of breath is pretty normal too, that’s how you know the nachos are working.