An Unexpected Development

Watching the logs this morning from the first night’s attempt with the computer-enhanced trap, I thought cat shadows had set off the motion detector.  The computer that was supposed to record ‘the big picture’ had helpfully shut down for Windows Updates an hour before the event, so I could only refer to a collection of snapshots from the detector itself.

On further review this afternoon, I discovered unmistakable evidence that what I thought happened had not happened and realized I would need to change my trap.  A lot.

5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Development”

  1. Used to have this problem with live traps back home. We were using hot dogs as bait, and they would always manage to reach through. Most successful method was to put the bait in a plastic grocery bag, loosely tied and suspended from the top of the cage. This would work even better with cat food. Even if he reaches inside and tears the bag he will have to get into the trap to retrieve it. Good hunting.

  2. ROFLMFAO!!!!

    Loved the JFK reference. “Back and to the left. Back and to the left.”

    Good luck with this. If nothing else, it provides much needed comic relief. I look forward to the updates.

  3. Does the raccoon enter via the cat door ? If so, why not attach the trap to the cat flap, so that the beast HAS to pass through it? A rfid tag on the one good remaining cat, would let it pass, whilst trapping the offender.

  4. Like Trevor stated, you could just place the trap inside the cat door, just chase all the cats in for the evening first.

    But this solution would remove the entertainment value of your blog. Personally, I want to see what you do when the raccoon rips through the sides you attached to the trap and steals the food anyways.

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