Can Superbowl become Super ‘Peace’?

hawkbroncnegotiationOn this day of broadcast sporting, I predict that the team with the superior combination of skill and fortune will reach a successful resolution to the match.  I think that safely covers my bases…

That said, is conflict really the answer?  Diplomacy might help remove some of barriers between the rival sporting teams.  Are their values really so different that this fight is the only solution?  Or is it the acquisition of the special rings that’s the crux of this struggle?

If both teams came to the table with an honest interest in setting aside violence and conquest, perhaps they could both be winners; A reasonable schedule of sharing could allow members of both the Seagulls and Ford Broncos to wear the special rings on a 50/50 basis.  We live in an age where overnight shipping can mean only a single day is lost.  There are an odd number of days in the year so this would mean both sides could have them for an equal amount of time.

Please, millionaire athletes…  please think of the children.