Putting my socks on in the dark was a hell of a decision on “Exchange My Busted-Ass Shoes” Day

I don’t usually concern myself too greatly about perfectly matching them because MY EYES ARE UP HERE PAL but there’s something uncomfortable already about walking shoeless through Kohl’s; having tremendously unmatched socks while I do it escalates that unease.

I'm gonna lose some toes if I'm not careful.
I’m gonna lose some toes if I’m not careful.

Then suddenly actual physical escalator. What.

I knew I was going to lose something on this thing, I just didn’t know if it would be a sock, toe, or entire foot. Through providence, the only thing I lost was dignity as I yelp-hopped away from the chompers at the bottom.

What did I learn? Ideally: don’t buy crummy shoes that wear through in a week, or maybe ‘get the replacements before you visit customer service so you can remain shod’, or maybe even just try to match socks.

Realistically, though, I learned NOTHING.