Carl’s Jr, get your act together

When Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Burger came out, the name was a play on the idea that ‘fancy’ burgers cost the exorbitant fee of $6. It was like Geo releasing a cheap car and calling it ‘The Aristocrat’, something so silly and overboard that people would say ‘ok, I get it, that’s funny’ and then come buy the product because they’re in on the joke.

Well, here we are in 2013 and the price of the $6 burger is hovering right around the actual $6 mark. What?! In our car example, Geo is now advertising their hypothetical econobox in Yacht Fancier with a straight face _and the millionaires are buying them_!

This is crazy! How does this happen? How does the Six Dollar Burger reach the actual $6 mark without someone in corporate saying ‘whoa, WHOA, everyone needs to just calm down and we need to figure this out’?! Madness reigns in the halls of Carls Jr. Headquarters. A madness that has allowed the barbarians at the gate, the emperor to be shown as he really is.

How can we as citizens really stay sane in a world where up is suddenly down, dogs are secretly cats, and ironically named six dollar burgers actually cost six bloody dollars? It’s a madhouse, a MADHOUSE!