The times, they are a fucking-CHANGING

Has anyone ever thought about the idea of a ‘developing anachronism’?  An anachronism is something that’s appropriate to another era, and what do we call things that are in-flux?  There may be a better way to describe this, but it’s the first term that came to mind when I realized I was looking at my wrist because I wanted to know what time it was.

Who DOES that anymore?  Well…  I guess plenty of people still have watches (heck, I have a really nice big one from KayDee that I break out whenever I want to remind people I’m a pilot) but if there was such a thing as ‘owning stock in watches’, I think I’d be telling my broker to sell.  Why?  Because we’re just looking at our phones, and who needs a watch when you can’t even play Angry Candy or Words With Birds or whatever people are doing these days?

So the idea of looking at a wristwatch seems like something that’s still happening, but on its way out.  It’s not quite an anachronism yet, but its anachronistic qualities are _developing_.  See how I brought that all together?  I KNOW, RIGHT?

So assuming the entire concept isn’t fatally flawed, what are some other developing anachronisms you see?  Watching TV commercials?  Getting the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition’ (there’s this thing called ‘The Internet’, you see…), buying newspapers, etc; those are too obvious, what else is shifting?

Better yet, what are some things that are still normal today but will BECOME anachronisms?  Betterer yet, what would you call THAT phenomena?  I really hope ‘not making words like betterer up’ is one of those things that’ll pass, because that’s a sweet word.