Semi-assed auto repair

We had a delivery car for our pizza restaurant and some jerk smashed into it and drove off one night when it was parked in the lot.  I smoothed out a bunch of the cosmetic damage with hammers and hate but the coolant overflow neck was snapped.  This is a plastic unpressurized jug that, in the Suzuki Swift, is lodged safely behind most of the frame of the car and the neck is modeled after that of a giraffe except more expensive.  To replace the reservoir, I determined that I would need to possibly remove the engine once or twice so I instead did something else.

My wife was finishing some sort of yogurt/milk drink (when I was a kid, you needed a SPOON to eat yogurt but I digress) so I snatched it out of her hands and cut the neck off.  Almost as an afterthought I rinsed it because, you know, science, then I scuffed up the inside bottom of it and the top exterior of the busted reservoir neck.  I then stretched the plastic drink container skirt thing over the neck where I had just placed some epoxy and then put a few strips of fiberglass on around it to reinforce.  Voila, the reservoir tank was complete again and had a screw-on cap and everything.  The car functioned quite well until we sold it and presumably afterwards too.

I sometimes sit in bed at night and wonder what the first mechanic that touched it afterwards thought when he was was working under the hood and found himself looking at a car part that entreated him in official looking letters to ‘Refrigerate After Opening‘.